Stain Removal

Professional stain removal services from Alliance Cleaning Systems, using the latest techniques & solutions to restore damaged carpet, rugs and upholstery.
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Whether you’ve just dropped a full glass of red wine on the lounge carpet, or a cup of coffee next to the bed just about every job we visit has some degree of staining. Most of our customers have tried “off the shelf” products with little success before calling us in.

We have an arsenal of professional products, experience and knowledge to remove most stubborn stains and spots.

It is a fact that some stains are permanent and will not come out. There are so many variations that can determine successful removal such as carpet type, staining material, products and chemicals already used. We assess every situation and can talk you through your options and the results you can expect prior to attempting removal.

On a positive note if the spot or stain can be removed then we can do it!

For biological stains such as vomit, blood, urine we can deep clean and sanitise the area following stain removal.

If you do have a spillage act quickly -Time is of the Essence. Spills and stains should be dealt with immediately. The longer a spot remains, the more difficult it will be to remove. Most stains that are allowed to dry overnight will become more difficult to remove. This also applies to hot tea and especially coffee, as they become heat set. So whenever possible always deal with any stains as soon as they happen.

We recommend using only water and blotting with a towel. Work from the outside inwards to prevent the stain from spreading. Try to keep a damp tea towel over the area until we can get there, this gives us the very best chance of success.

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